Arturo Acacio Rica, Covitsa manager, interviewed by La Vanguardia


In this article we have reproduced the interview carried out with Arturo Acacio, manager of Covitsa by the newspaper La Vanguardia, the 10th of November 2014:

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“Experts in animal nutrition”
COVITSA is a company located in Lleida that since 1979 has manufactured and marketed products for animal nutrition. His leadership in the sector is based on working under a strict policy of quality products, in the work of a staff of professionals with extensive experience in the field of animal nutrition and in implementing the latest technology in production processes. We spoke with Arturo Acacio Rica, manager of the company.

To begin with, tell us, what has been COVITSA’S trajectory in the market?

COVITSA was founded in 1979 and since its inception the company has evolved considerably. We started working locally and thanks to the quality of our products we quickly began working with customers from other parts of Spain first, and then outside our borders as well, mainly in Central America.

What has been and is the main objective of the company after its 35-year history in the animal nutrition industry?

We are experts in animal nutrition. We are dedicated mainly to the manufacture and marketing of mineral and vitamin premixes and additives for animal nutrition for all types of species. In fact, we have come to manufacture premixes even for camels and snails… The main aim of the company has always been to work with perseverance to achieve quality products and customer satisfaction. We provide a quality product at a good price by means of a great service..

In this sense, what product categories does COVITSA work with?

We have products according to the animal species (pigs, dairy and beef cows, sheep/goats, poultry, etc.) and according to food (organic and conventional products) in all stages of growth and production.

Do you have your own R&D department to develop products? How do they achieve the best quality?
That’s right. We have an agreement with the University of Lleida with whom we investigate together. Our laboratory is accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya to monitor our products throughout their evolution, from the arrival of raw materials from our suppliers to our products hitting the market, with a strict quality control that fulfils the guidelines for food safety regulations.

How important is technology in your production process?

The goal is for technical innovations to help us to improve our products but the key for achieving this necessary quality is to have a team of qualified professionals who can handle the technology.

Are you thinking about continuing your international expansion into new markets?

We currently have a presence in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and we are about to enter Vietnam. In Europe, we are in Portugal and France. Our goal is to continue growing in countries where we are already present and where we are opening new markets, especially in the African continent, while small companies like ours have some complications in this regard. For the export process to be more agile I think that it is necessary for the administration not to put bureaucratic barriers that slow down the internationalization of companies.

At COVITSA we produce “quality products at a good price by means of a great service”.