We produce quality products at a good price by means of a great service, this is our main objective.
Individual attention and effective solutions are the cornerstones of the relationship with our customers.
Covitsa makes available to the livestock industry a wide range of premium quality products for animal nutrition, according to the client’s specific needs.
We have products available according to the animal species: pigs, dairy and beef cows, sheep/goats, poultry, etc., and according to the nutrition: organic products, conventional products and medicinal products, at all stages of growth and production.

Guaranteed Quality

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We have a wide and strict quality control ranging from purchasing raw materials to manufacture and shipment of our products.

Our Agri-food Laboratory enables us to carry out a quality control of our products in all their stages and evolution.

Being consistent in our work and taking advantage of the tools to help us achieve the quality we are always looking for are the keys to success for developing products with the highest quality.

See our Feed Safety and Quality Policy.


Our clients endorse us


Our presence in international markets currently allows us to develop a major commercial activity in Central American countries, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.
Nearly two decades dedicated to exporting enables and vouches for us being present in the livestock sector in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France and Portugal.