Nutrition and Formulation

Personalized diets, tailored to different animal species.

Technical Assistance

Animal nutrition consulting. Implementation of quality, food safety and environmental management systems.


In-house laboratory, recognized and registered in the Agri-food Laboratories Registry of Catalonia. External service for physical, chemical and microbiological analysis.

Sales Service

Personalized care and visits. Sales support in the management of your projects.

Products by Species


Complete, supplemental feeds and vitamin and mineral premixes specially formulated for piglets, fattening pigs and reproducing sows. Better performance obtained in the transition from piglet to pig, with maximum safety. See products

Pienso y premezcas vacuno

Range of products for beef cows: Design, manufacture and sale of supplemental animal feed and premixes for beef cows. Specially formulated for veal calves and cattle for fattening. And for dairy cows: Supplemental compound feeds, minerals and vitamins for dairy cows and dry cows. See products


Supplemental compound feeds, supplemental feeds (granulated nucleus and mineral) and vitamin and mineral premixes for lambs and kids and sheep and goats. See products

Premezclas vitaminico minerales aves

Special vitamin and mineral premixes for young breeding pullets, laying and breeding hens, broilers, ducks, turkeys, geese and quails. See products

premezclas vitaminico mineralees conejos

Vitamin and mineral premixes and supplemental mineral feeds (granulated) for other species such as rabbits, horses, bulls, shrimp, snails, etc. Specific formulation for each client. Covitsa offers you a wide range of high quality additives and organic feeds and premixes and medicated feeds and premixes for all species. See products

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Experts in animal nutrition


COVITSA was founded in 1979 to engage in the manufacture and marketing of products intended for animal nutrition. Our evolution and industry leadership has been achieved thanks to constantly providing quality products, the work of a staff of professionals with extensive experience in the field of animal nutrition and the application of the most advanced technology in all of our production processes.

Covitsa Advantages

Covitsa Advantages

  • Design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of products for all species, designed to meet the demands and the needs of the livestock market.
  • Technological development and innovation in the products.
  • Wide range of technical services available to the client: formulation, analytical laboratory, sales consulting, etc.

Main Services

  • Nutritional Advice
  • Development of Diets
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Techincal-legislative advice
  • Sales Assistance

Custom Products

Covitsa makes available to the livestock industry a wide range of premium quality products for animal nutrition, according to the client’s specific needs. Contact us and tell us what you need.

Where do we operate?

Covitsa’s commercial activity, in addition to covering the entire national territory of Spain, has a notable presence in countries of Central America, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Nearly two decades dedicated to exporting enables and vouches for us being present in the livestock sector in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France and Portugal.

Latest News

NIR Analysis

Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Covitsa has its own agri-food laboratory accredited and recognized by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Action of Catalonia, thus allowing us to carry out these analyses.

Quality Control Our agri-food laboratory enables us to implement a very thorough Quality Control on all our raw materials and finished products. Sample Analysis Service We offer outside testing services for our customers, thus being able to ensure the quality control of their products, quickly and with great reliability in the results. Ask for information and we will analyse your sample

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