R&D Department

colaboracion covitsa y agronomos lleida
colaboracion covitsa y agronomos lleida

Technological development has proven to be our best tool to continue to be competitive both in business and in animal nutrition.
Our efforts to implement technological improvements and innovation in new products is recognized by our clients, whose loyalty we appreciate listening to and gathering their requests to improve our products and services.
We have our own R&D department that has been backed by different cooperation agreements with the University of Lleida, maintaining an almost permanent link with the Departments of Animal Production and Chemistry.

CDTI covitsa y universidad de lleida

We have in our history a remarkable participation in CDTI projects, a public company under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO).

Research and development of vitamin/mineral correctors with liquid media

CDTI project for the 2010-2011 period
Objective achieved: Development of vitamin/mineral correctors with liquid treacle or oil media that minimize negative aspects such as dust that appears as fine particles in some raw materials and consequently its subsequent loss. Less dependence and use of flavouring. Greater palatability.

Research and development of a system of quality control for alfalfa and vitamin premixes in animal feed by means of NIR spectroscopy

CDTI project for the 2005-2008 period
Objective achieved: Development of new techniques for detecting various parameters for raw materials and feed applied in our agri-food laboratory. Improved speed and reliability of results.

Development of new concentrates with plant components for animal feed and technological adaptation in their manufacturing processes

CDTI project for the 2002-2003 period
Objective achieved: Development of new products with vegetable protein source and marketing them in new markets in Central America.

Using protected copper and chromium organic feed for pigs

CDTI project for the 1996-1997 period
Objective achieved: 2 to 6% reduction of fat deposition in pig carcasses..